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The 16:th of Jun we had our first workshop at Foo Cafe in Malmö.

The goal of the workshop is to cover topics that is of interest to the participants and anyone can sign up to present a topic at one of our workshops. The topic may range from technologies like Neural nets, SVM's, Linear regression and Genetic programming to applications like Image recognition, Speech, Advanced analytics, and other similar topics.

The aim is that there should be a short 10 to 15 minutes introduction followed by some samples that everyone can run from their own computers and play around with during the majority of the workshop. We then finish of by discussing what practical applications this specific sample can be applied for and what findings we have made during the workshop.

This first event was for all developers that are more into code then math and want to learn more about ML. Johan has created a small JavaScript sample of a neural net that I will explain in more detail and then we can play around with the code, to see what this small network of neurons can do for us. Here you can find the samples we are going to play with.

So how did it go?

We did not get to play too much with the code this time, Johan had a litle bit too much to show and there were many questions along the way. So we will try to make the samples smaller in the future and perhaps we will revisit one or two of these javascript samples another time.

- Neural net, JavaScript

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