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Öresund community hub of AI (Artificial Intelligence) enthusiasts urging to advance in the field of ML (Machine Learning). Our mission is to increase awareness of AI/ML development within and outside our steadily increasing network of members, companies and organisations with interests within this area. We arrange events and workshops for all who want to learn, share and apply AI/ML capabilities.

Barrel AI Monkeys, is what we call ourselves. If you identify as one and want to know more about machine learning or share your knowhow with others through live demos, after-works, conferences and hackathon weekends this is the community for you.

We also help companies and organisations who are applying artificial intelligence or are about to adopt machine learning and cognitive business operations and need embracement, advisory or skills on that journey.

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The hunt for COVID 19 (Sv)

Together we might be able ti track the virus and gain valuable data on how to manage the spread in better ways.
COVID-19 - 2020-03-22 23:11:15