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Techfestival 2019 - Removing the AI & ML hype
We are happy that we got the chans to present at Techfestival 2019. Her is a short summary of the presentation.
Presentation (Techfestival 2019, Demystify) 10 Sep 2019
Kaggleton, Sound recognition
Have you ever competed in Machine Learning. Join us when we create our own subcompetition based on a kaggle competition. If you are really good you might win both.
Workshop (kaggle, competition) 29 Apr 2019
FoodTech and AgroTech in Skåne
Connecting Skåne to inspire and talk about how AI can help improve the food life cycle in Skåne.
Presentation (Innovation Skåne, FoodTech, Machine Learning) 08 Nov 2018
Lessons from building a spam filter
Can you use machine learning to spot angry customers before they leave or start a fire?
Presentation (Classification, spam filter, RNN) 04 Sep 2018
Action in mind
This is how AI knows what you are up to, just by looking at a video of you.
Presentation (Robotics, Self Organizing Map, Growing Grid) 27 Jun 2018
AI ethics tennis match
Should AI have rights if it become as intelligent as us humans?
Workshop (Ethics, AI, Machine Learning, Robots, Consciousness) 24 May 2018
Linear Regression
Back to basics, but we want as many as possible to get introduced to the world of machine learning. Then we need to talk about the foundation of ML as well as the state of the art.
Workshop (Linear Regression, scikit-learn, algebra) 01 Mar 2018
What can AI do for Malmö
Today we explore what machine learning can do for our everyday lives in the city...
Afterwork (Education, Farming, Bikes, Jobs) 08 Feb 2018
Build an AI application without code
AI and Machine Learning is supposed to be an occupation of the future. But after seeing these tools it seems like this job title is the first to go, in the automation of work
Presentation (Azure, Face, Image) 07 Dec 2017
How People Gather
If any company with interraction data gets hold of this open source software we can forget about privacy and freedom of choice...
Presentation (Socal networks, infomap, Jensen-Shannon similarity) 22 Nov 2017
The AI revolution in Science
A presentation filled with not only machine learning but many interesting references from the world of science and especially particle physics.
Presentation (Particle Physics, Machine Learning, Science) 14 Nov 2017
Bayesian predictive inference machines
There is much talk about intelligent algorithms today. But the reality is that the most popular algorithms today work more like statistical static models rather than predictive intelligence.
Presentation (Bayesian, Machine Learning, AI) 28 Sep 2017
Ethical AI AW
How can we demand that AI should be ethical when humans cannot unite on a definition of which ethics are the right ones?
Afterwork (Afterwork) 13 Sep 2017
Image classification
Today we looked at image classification and learned how to work with Keras on TensorFlow.
Presentation (Image Classification, Neural Net, Keras, Tensorflow) 31 Aug 2017
Singularity AW
Some of the questions we pondered over, about the singularity and the future of AI.
Afterwork (Afterwork) 17 Aug 2017
The neuron WS
Our first workshop on the Neuron. Looking at a couple of implementations and talking about what a neural net is and what it can do in general.
Workshop (Neural net, JavaScript) 16 Jun 2017